Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In a time of need, I always have trees.

I truly need your attention to say this:
♥ Thank you , thank you. All of you who pay attention to my posts.

I finally stepped forward with fixing my car and paying off so other much needed things so that I can take the business even further this summer with Craft shows, festivals, and more!

I was scared to death because the price was so high for the parts. BUT! With all of you awesome people I have raised almost all the money back in one night ( almost...half at least that is a start!)

Any help has been appreciated and all the love is never un-noticed.

Thanks to all of you who take a minute to re-share my posts like something or purchase something when you can. It really all counts. I do appreciate all of it.

It's truly awesome to be able to love what you do<3

Most of it was raised through some very lovely ladies courtesy of Ms. Lizzi over @ Forgotten Cotten who helped send them my way. 

I managed to give a bunch of my new Tree Pendants homes. I do still have a few that would help the cause so please check them out Here


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