Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's all for the kids, they are the next generation.

♥ Last night I worked a bit of a double to make sure that I have 25+ bracelets for this morning. I get the opportunity to go to Frankfort Middle School and talk to teenagers about what it's like to have my own business.

I feel rather honored to get that chance and wanted to be able to share something with each of them. It meant a lot to me to be asked to do such a talk. Who knew at 21 I would  be qualified to teach children slightly younger than my brother about what it is to run a business for something you love?

PLUS! Who didn't remember the visitors that gave them gifts as a child? Those were always my favorite people. They taught me the power of receiving something.   It can be a powerful thing. 

That's what this is all about. Sharing the love and giving someone something handmade.

♥ Share the art, Share the love.

I'm off to finish getting ready. Just wanted to letcha's know where I disappeared to  I also have a BUNCH more surprises coming for APRIL... <3   

After I get this talk out of the way it's Easter focus time for the next few days!  let me know if you need any last minute goodies! Remember Shantastic goodies don't give ya cavities ;)

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