Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wow, I just got back from sharing my story a little bit at Frankfort Middle. What an experience. I had never realized how awesome it would feel to have a room full of smiling faces listening with ideas. They all were generally interested and I got to give each of them something to keep.  Although, I made a few to small so I will have to make a few to send back in for those who's might not have fit just right. I wasn't sure how tiny/big their wrists would be. Kids are a bit different than I remember being at that age.
That being said, IT WAS AWESOME! 25ish smiling faces and a room full of questions! They were all so excited a few were late for class. *sorry* What an awesome feeling. To teach little minds hmm.

Thanks Ms.Snoberger for inviting me! Sorry I was a little late. Due to not being able to figure out the door system! haha at least they keep the kiddos safe with all those locked doors!

I would totally do it again :) Maybe next time I will breathe a little bit. I felt like I was trying to tell them so much with so little time. But hey, they really wanted to know! That's what was awesome.

If any of you are reading I hope I taught you a little something ;) If you can make something, AND it makes you happy, do it!

BUT business may not be for everyone. Some of you may want to reach the moon, but others want to reach the stars and they are a lot further away. <3
A photo of some of the bracelets I gave to the kiddos. I will be making more for ones that may have been to small. If any parents get on and wonder what they are made of they have a center piece of "hemp" but the outside of the blue and yellow are a nylon base cord, the white one is a cotton cord. I didn't want to use the natural hemp in case someone would get itchy.  If you would like one of your own or custom colored one please feel free to CONTACT ME and I will gladly talk to ya about getting some.

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