Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daily Card Reading - #1 - Angel Deck

I'm going to try to start doing daily Card pulls and share them. I've been told I'm a pretty strong intuitive and Cards are one of my favorite tools to gain knowledge and or just better or prepare me for the day. I like to think I see them in a special sort of way.
If you enjoy my readings and or motivational messages please feel free to comment or let me know so that I know that I am touching someone else's world too. If I forget to post and you are looking forward to it PLEASE just shoot me a message or remind me. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember to share these things daily though I do them daily for myself and others and really would like to share such things with the world!

If you are interested in a personal reading please feel free to contact me I will be working on doing phone readings as well as google hangout's for a visual experience. The Guides are asking me to do this. I've been putting it off for a while and now they want me to share them with you. So it's time it's added to my things to do.<3

That being said  here's my first daily reading :)

Today's reading come from : The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

The Star: Archangel Jophiel

 Today is your day to go ahead and wish upon a star my friends. Jophiel is one of my favorite angels. She signifies optimism and hope, as well as new beginnings.  When I see this card I overflow with happiness just like her with her ever flowing water and glow shining up the world.  The Star of light appears at the end of any dark tunnel and now any dark times you may have been living through are now behind you. Don't let them continue to bother you and stop you from your dreams.
( I know I have personally just gotten through one heck of a tunnel. Remember sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to make it to the top!)

Now is your time to plan something new and have a happy high expectation of hope. Walk into your future with a sense of optimism and positive things will be attracted to you as you create something new and positive for yourself.

Follow your intuition it is on target. Have faith , a new sense of purpose is on it's way leading you on a beautiful path. The angel is here to guide you.

"Jophiel helps us develop a sunshiny outlook and attitude. Call upon Jophiel to help you celebrate your victories and stay optimistic about your future."

:D I'd like to think that is an AWESOME first daily card reading to get us ALL on a positive path!
May your day be Shiney and Bright.

<3 Shantastic Shine -  Giving you ShineTime All Day ;)

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