Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Daily Card Pull - From the Angels today :)

Today's Card read comes from my Angel Messages deck. It seems to be bringing us new situations.  As the Knight of Fire rushes to our rescue after a interesting beginning of the week.
Often when the Knight of Fire appears a significant situation now requires your immediate and full attention. While time is of the essence it is important to avoid making rash decisions at this time. Enthusiasm and self-assertiveness are wonderful, so long as they aren't separated from wisdom and caution.

When this card represents a person  rather than a situation coming into your life : It is often person who's passionate about anything he or she takes on.  A take-charge individual who moves quickly , with confidence and certainty on behalf of loved ones or beloved causes. This person is often fearless and loyal as well as charismatic. They are also Self-assured, adventurous, restless, possibly impatient or insistent when it comes to having his or her way. 

Additional Meaning of this card : A sudden or passionate love affair. Business travel. A change of residence. An emergency.

:) The angels have spoken and now it's time to welcome new things or become the person you wish to be.


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