Monday, September 29, 2014

Merkaba Mondayy...Artworkk.

Been working on a lot of new linework designs. possibly for my coloring books in the future but right now I will be making print of some to sell and trade.  The first one was inspired by my attunement process and I have also created another set to go with it to switch out in either direction to have two males transforming or two females or just a different male and female combo.

The horse is part of my spirit guides series .

 Heartful Thoughts isn't merkaba based but is a quicker linework piece I did to represent following your heart instead of your intuition. The Heart is also depicted backwards to represent a reflection of thought.

If interested in prints of any of these designs please feel free to let me know :) I would be happy to ship you one or get you a copy of the series for a nice deal <3

Simply trying to get some new designs out there.

Thanks for being an inspiration and motivation.
Love and Light
- Shantastic Shine.

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