Friday, September 12, 2014

Todays Card Pull :)

Time to Start Daydreaming Friends... and Make some decisions on what to do next!
Daydreams & Decisions have appeared. 
When this card appears, it often means that there's a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty regarding your love life.  What is it that you really desire? What would you like to change or attract? You have many options in front of you, if you will only see them. Do some daydreaming about possible futures. Have fun. It's through your fantasies and imagination that you transform your desires into reality. Once you've sorted out your options and played around with the possibilities, it's time for action. While it's pleasant to daydream, staying in fantasy land" is not wise. Take your time, but eventually decisions will have to be made in order for you to move forward. Reflect on your wishes, decide which feel right, and choose a course of action. You'll feel powerful for having made the decision and will be on your way to manifesting change.  Be the change. YOU make the decision to move forward in your life. The Divine and angels will be you guide but they can only help you if you let them.

Love and Light Remember to Shine Bright

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