Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full moon card pull.

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Now today's card pull... kinda goes right along with yesterday's . Don't fear though this Full moon is effecting us all. Remember to build yourself up with the moonlight and accept a positive change. Because The sadness and isolation card has appeared and it's time to De isolate yourself and climb out of that hole you've so desperately wanted to hide in. Let your wings fly free and what is coming shall be.

When this appears remember that love can bring both joy and sorrow. When disappointment enters your life, it's important to acknowledge the accompanying sadness and feelings of loss. However , it's equally vital not to a dwell on the loss. The temptation may be to isolate your self from the world and cling to your grief. This card is a reminder to trust that this situation ( ad hard as it may seem) is to be in your best interest. It's time to gently let go of the sorrow and disappointments. Open up like the image and embrace your full light and potential. Sorrow can only hold you back if you let it. It could however elevate you to new levels of understanding if you allow it to as wwll. Focusing on your sadness and loss will prevent you from attracting new, positive energy around your relationships; so it's time to turn your disappointment into hope for the situation. Move beyond despair into healing and joyful love. Let go and move on. You have more powerful spiritual forces helping you than you could ever imagine. Ask them for guidance in this time. You deserve to shine.

Also remember that tonight is the Full moon ,  super moon at that. Make sure to put any crystals you have out for cleansing and remember that emotions may be flaring and some if not all people act differently at this time. Things are changing . Accept them with positivity you are what you put out.

Love and light on your daily fight.
Much love
- Shantastic Shine.

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