Sunday, February 3, 2013

14 Days of Valentines - Day Three - Adjustable Heart Ring

HAPPY ALMOST SPRING EVERYONE! It seems Puxatony Phil DID NOT  see his shadow yesterday ( It was groundhog day and I forgot to mention it yesterday!)  So it seems spring will come sooner. ( According to the groundhog anyway!


Day three of February has arrived and I do indeed have another Valentine gift idea for you!

Heart rings are AWESOME because, well, they are fool proof! They adjust so that size doesn't matter!

Are you a guy that doesn't sweat the small stuff? Don't know her ring size? Is it almost V- day?

Take a breath

Like I said no worries about a size here.
This is an easy one for guys to grab up!

Does your girlfriend want a ring for the Holiday?

Low on cash but don't want her to think you didn't try?
Pick up a Heart ring or I can Ship it to you so you don't even have to go to the store!

You were at least smart enough to somehow find this listing so go buy one here NOW! and get it in time for the special day... which is FEBRUARY 14th for those of you who really are out of the loop, which don't seem shocked it seems most guys really don't realize that Valentines day is the SAME day EVERY year ( at least date wise)

For you ladies who think this is cute and you know your man sadly just may not remember your ring size hint them this way... or shoot me a message via facebook or e-mail and I will shot a hint in his direction...... A simple add to facebook and a link is sometimes all the "giddy up" they need to remember they need to grab something special.... ;)


Enjoy your Super Bowl :)

I'm not a big sports fan but boyfriend is Rooting for the Raven's since we're currently Marylanders. 

Hope everyone has an AWESOME Sunday



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