Saturday, February 2, 2013

14 Days of Valentines ...Day 2... Birds Nest Necklaces

Now I know I just posted about some awesome custom mades birds nest a few days ago, but they totally deserve another feature.

These little nests can be made to represent so many things! I love it because that makes each of them special to whomever wears it specifically!

I have made ones to represent a Mother and her children's birth months, which are great for Mothers Day too!

I have also made them for a few Romeo type fellas who were smart enough to use it to represent the month of their first date, her birthday , his, and other special dates.

Okay so the guys may have had some help with the idea ;) But they were grateful for the rewards of giving their girl an AWESOME gift.

These necklaces can be made with ANY color combination , the eggs can be made of "cystals, Glass beads, pearls, or stones.

I can also make matching Earrings and bracelets to make a complete set for someone special.

You can purchase these NOW on ETSY or ARTFIRE( Amazon friendly)

Or take a peak at one I custom made for my aunt the other day:

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