Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for some insight.... Supplies and new items

Hey there , I'm trying to keep more updated  since I have been getting some awesome new customers and insight via all my different social networks.  I have been working on some fun projects and now am wanting to order some fun new supplies to bring you pretty new things!

Here's my current shopping dilemma  It's one for my "dead heads".

 I am ordering a few of these for the season and need to know who may be interested so I can place the order. The guy I am ordering my glass from is leaving the country after next week so I really need to know asap.

Necklaces would be $25 How ever you would like the hemp/beads/ect . I know I am getting a few at least for a order that has already been placed. However I'm only planning on making one order of these for now.

I can also get dancing bears in a few different colors these come in red green blue and purple I believe...

Please like , comment, or message me so I have an idea. Color choices would be appreciated so I know what's wanted.

NEXT Shopping dilemma.....

I am REALLY wanting to order some awesome MULTI colored Dyed hemp. I have been working with some heady Rasta hemp I scored last season when Manitoba District quit selling their hemp jewelry. Since I've had it i've made quite a few very unique pieces. My all time favorite being this sick "Heady Rasta Lanyard" I made last night... I posted it about halfway through ( I just couldn't wait , and since I was keeping my very excited customer updated I figured I'd go ahead and sneak peak it on the blog HERE)

But here is the finished project that has officially been shipped his way:


I can't let anyone have one exactly like this one because I would like to make each one a little different. These beads were meant to be his. I had them in my collection for over five years and I decided that they needed to be used for something like this, and low and behold they were PERFECT match for the items he wanted to hang from the lanyard.

So now I am wondering which color mixtures to purchase for my new projects? What colors do you guys want to see? Insight is awesome.... So please feel free to chat with me.

What are your favorites? I would love to make some awesome new colorful things! I currently have the Rasta and I believe Brown Earth.... and I love them both.

I'll leave it at that for now. What projects are you looking forward too? I am just getting all kinds of excited for fest season.

Hope to get some info.

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