Wednesday, February 6, 2013

14 Valentines .... Day 6...Chrysalisjewelry

Today I am featuring another crafty ladies handy work. Ms. Melissa  I think it is very beautiful and elegant. Not to mention it must have been some tedious hours linking all those little O rings together.

I am glad to feature her item on Shantastic!.... She has become a very awesome Shantastic supporter on both Facebook and Twitter. So it's nice to return the favor and share her awesome work as well!
( Not to mention I love that HUGE pink diamond... reminds me of my logo lol!)

This is what she says about her piece:

"7 inch "Pink Passion" Olivia Weave Chainmaille Bracelet

"Pink is such a feminine color. This bracelet has pretty pink links and can add a little passion to any outfit. This Olivia weave bracelet has aluminum and pink anodized aluminum rings. The Olivia weave is a modified Byzantine weave. This bracelet is seven inches long and has a tube clasp. This bracelet is hand woven in my jewelry studio. I used aluminum and colored anodized aluminum jump rings to weave this bracelet.

This bracelet will go great with many different looks. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but regardless, this is a unique bracelet. It will look fabulous on your wrist!

Need a bracelet smaller or larger than a seven inches? I will adjust up or down an inch at no charge. Please contact me; custom orders are always welcome :). Thanks for looking! I am a Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer and my member number is 3352,."

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