Thursday, February 14, 2013



I did a giveaway on my  Facebook page I meant to post an update for anyone following here but it seems my feed didn't update in time.   So I guess that was a special Valentine for my Facebook Followers <3 So be sure to add me so you don't miss the next freebie!

I gave away these three bracelets:
I hope all of you have a good Valentines Taken or not! If you are single enjoy a day for yourself and spoil yourself a little extra ;)

As for me I'm not doing anything too special. Boyfrienddd and I have a long trip tomorrow to take care of some long overdue priorities that will mean He can be my personal driver again ;) That shall be a big gift all in its own!   However I did do a little something for him :P

I surprised him with with a few of his own awesome Personalized Guitar Picks from Six Shooter Leather! They are AWESOME!  I will do a bigger post on them very soon! Until then enjoy the Love day.... or at least save up for the candy that shall be on sale tomorrow!!
haha So Since I had to do the "gifting" this year for V-day I got a big
bag of Reese's to SHARE so I did indeed leave him a reminder to not eat
them ALL as soon as he could lol. The card was a bit last minute since I had to do it while he was sleeping I had been a bit busy >.< ah the life of a full time Crafter!

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