Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hempin it up through this cold!

I have been stuck in bed due to a nasty sinus infection that is making me have a throbbing headache. However I am not letting it keep me from my love of crafts<3.

Here are
couple of hemp necklaces  I managed to finish.:)
The above necklace features a blown glass Pendant created in Terra Alta, West Virgina by BSC BORO a creator of very awesome glass work. Check him out for sure! Tell him Shantastic sent you :)

 This piece features a leaf style glass pendant. The necklace is made with double wrapped hemp macrame and wooden beads. Was created with more basic style intended for guy or girl use.

for custom pieces please feel free to CONTACT ME or add me on Facebook where I have albums full of even more handmade jewelry as well as supply and accessorie options.

- Happy Crafting

P.S. I hope everyone else with the nasty cold that is going around feels better soon! I truly feel your pain.

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