Thursday, January 31, 2013

Custom Birds Nest Necklaces

Custom Birds Nest Necklaces are now being made. I have been working on different combinations to incorporate birth stone colors, and other neat little things to make them special. I created this custom pair for my Aunt in Missouri! I hope she loves them. They were made JUST for her.
This set was specifically made to represent this Mommas four "babies" which include her 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
The four eggs in the nest are to those four closest to Momma Birds heart.

The Earrings Beads and Gems are to represent Birth months of children.

Dark Green -  Emerald- May
Light Green - Peri dot- August
Pearl - self explanatory- June
Dark Red- Garnet - January

I can also make custom bracelets and anklets to go with the sets. I enjoy making these special pieces for moms especially. It's a way of letting them keep their loved ones close at heart and to have a fun story behind their accessories.

Place an order and we shall work together to make something special for someone special today.

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