Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Great Feedback comment from an AWESOME first time customer...

Wanna see the best way to start off a Say something Saturday kinda morning?

I woke up to this awesome message froma first time buyer that I had grown up with in grade school. She moved away in high school after having a few classes together I was sad to see her go. However, I was so glad when she made her first purchase.  I always love sending stuff to friends who have moved away. Here is what she sent me back:
"Omg Shannon I just got the necklace and bracelet and anklet. They're all so great, thank you! The necklace is beautiful and so well made! I've wanted to get something from you for awhile and am glad I did. Quality stuff ;) thanks again!"

Now that made me smile :) So  I had to for sure share it for Share something Saturday!

I also started another painting, this one is an owl. I will for sure share some photos on the Shantastic Spectrum page when it is done.

I also made this Hippie Bling: 

Sun and Moon Fire Pendant
(Pendant Only - $15.00)
With Chain and beaded $25.00
Was another studio kinda day. Though the weather out was beautiful!

Tomorrow is another day.... hopefully to bring more art our way.

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