Friday, January 18, 2013

Fix Something FRIDAY! ... Starts Now!

So since I have officially dubbed Friday as my day to Fix something.....I got a late start today but started by FIXING and updating all the social networks with the new links and web address changes since my Re-Launch of Shantastic!

I also did my good deed of the day by helping FIX my friends car who needed a jump was out in the sticks where I live, it's rare that I'm the closest person to help in those situations since I'm so far out of town. Was nice to go for a drive towards the lake anyways. :)

Anyways I'm kinda cheaping out those are my Fix-its for the day so far!  But, I do want to go work on cleaning the bathroom and making a new painting for Shantastic Spectrum.

So while I go work on some more Fix its! Here are some items I made last night Check out some of the new Hippie Bling creations:


buy me here
Buy this here

buy me here


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