Monday, January 7, 2013

Musical rings, they're pretty neat little things!

 Ah these little rings , may just be one of my New favorite things.

They are so simple but fun to make and wear.One of my favorite customers found one on pinterest so of course I had to look into it.

I tried going to the original website but pinterest didn't have one for it. Just simple the url of the photo.  DARN IT. So I would love to give whomever some original credit if they would like it , but I have no way to.

I have seen a few more floating around today even since I made some but still not original credit or websites just more photo posts. Seems they became popular pretty quickly though.

They were so easy and fun to make I shall be making a bunch in every color.  Since I posted them on the Shantastic Facebook I have already recieved many messages and a few likes for them :)  I can't wait till band season to make them in school colors like Ms. Molly had suggested when she came accross them.

Look out homecoming ;)

My brother would be a drummer.... I'll have to give him some to hand out to some of his little girlfriends at school :P
 Here's a bit of a closer shot of one.

I will be making more and getting better sun lit pictures tomorrow :)
Happy Crafting!

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