Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photos from my Christmas Holiday

 I know the holidays have come and gone. I wish I would have kept up with the blog better there were so many awesome things happening I wanted to share with everyone!

 Before it gets to late in the year I wanted to share a few photos from the holidays that I enjoyed taking.  Here are my holiday festivities in a Photo form:
Kayla and I one Christmas Eve

 Cozmo is my best friend Kayla's kitty. He is a cutie for sure! Such a sweet little fur ball!

>>>> Me playing with my new Nikon D5100
My beautiful opal ring from my boyfriend. He gave it to me on Christmas Eve 2012 how sweet<3

 My brother and Grandma on Christmas 2012
 Gingerbread man and the Front Pine tree from the snow storm the day after Christmas

 The outside kitties were crying for some warmth so I brought them in to get a few Christmas photos , they weren't very cooperative. Oh well at least they are cute!

This was a Christmas bulb on our Downtown Christmas tree.
The dedication is to one of my highschool teachers who passed
She was truly and amazing women.
Downtown Cumberland Maryland Christmas Decorations

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