Thursday, January 17, 2013

ALL THE UPDATES coming your way.

Shantastic, is finally making some *LASTING* changes.  But not to the "name" like I had thought I would be doing.

I have been doing some soul searching and come to some decisions to help get some "structure" around here. I really desperately thought I needed a name change for my "brand". Though I had no idea what I wanted to do. I'm sure some of you have seen me toying with the banners and logos the past few weeks. Looking for what I just really like. I couldn't figure out what I wanted my "style" to be. So while searching and asking others for help I decided to put my mind elsewhere and started thinking of other things that needed organized as well.

I have been determined to get the house arranged, get to work in the studio, while keeping an updated blog. I have struggled to make the blog gender neutral to keep my guy fans around for updates on paintings and other things I do festy wise  but it has been pretty hard. I'm working on getting pages for different sections of my "artistic spectrum" of ideas all in an organized manner for my viewers to read and keep updated.... because that is my goal. To share all things art that I am doing or come across with whomever I can reach.

So Shantastic Sales sounded too, un-appealing to me.... it sounds like I'm automatically trying to sell you something. That's not necessarily the case. I want to share the updates of my latest painting, talk to you about ideas, meet new people who are just generally interested, Or even help you find a gift for someone special or help you find an affordable way to spice up your living room.  I'm not all about the "sale" I'm about the Art... or the craft... or the easy "D.I.Y." behind the matter.

So I needed to take a step back. Figure out how to organize all my "ideas" or "projects" as Boyfriend calls them.

Here goes...

For my jewelry/accessories I realized I had two styles. Kinda different from each other. I had many "hemp" and "hippie" type necklaces, headbands, hair feathers, sandals, tye dyes, and more!  

I also had many unique , wire wrapped pieces, girlie earrings, childrens' hair flowers, glasses holders, broaches, hair clips, ect.  But they just didn't really look like they all went together. They appealed to people with very different styles.  So I have decided to desperate them into "Lines" and help promote them in different "sections" on my Etsy Shop

Shantastic is now introducing :

I also wanted to showcase my painting in it's own "section" To keep any updates for my "live paintings" or painting showcases I will have a new section called  Shantastic Spectrum


And then there will of course be a section for ShantasticInk Photography that helped kick out m bloggin' experiences :)

That left one thing... all my random D.I.Y.'s and Gift options I like to share.... well.... last but not least ( because I may come up with some other needed section very soon with all the upcoming changes!)  I will be hosting a section I would like to call 
Shantastic Solutions!

That being said I have come up with a nifty little schedule to help ensure I keep up with all sorts of updates!

Look forward to the upcoming:

Make something MONDAYS
Take the paint out Thursdays
Fix it up FRIDAYS
Say Something Saturdays- Random Internet/Pinterests posts
Share something Sundays - Featured Posts , Items , Ect

I will also be working to bring viewers a :giveaway: or contest of some sort every month. :) I wanna make sure you have a reason to check back even if you don't want to buy something.... have a chance to win something... I'm not stingy I really do just want to share ;)

SO for the rest of January I will be finishing the RE-MODELING of the Shantastic! page.  Deciding to keep the Name as it is.... as  just     SHANTASTIC! ... as a whole..... I am Shannon.... but I have also felt more of a -Shantastic...... and that just seems to fit everything I am trying to do...... I kept searching for something spectacular ( Yes I even toyed with the idea of Shantastic Spectacular, and felt terribly silly) then I realized, I am special and  Shantastic is me..... I was upset that I couldn't get the web address and I was upset to start thinking everyone else was starting to use it too... But simply put.... almost nothing in this world is just one persons anymore.... and I shouldn't have to change something that seems to fit me and that I have stuck with this long.... So Shantastic it is... and now it's time to get organized, and just stick with it.
I do have one last thing I would like to announce.

WITH All of my changes I would also like to make one more rather LARGE update for me. I will be working on the last thing I wanted to call the Shantastic Shine..... A Newsletter for my dedicated fans that would like to get a brief update on ALL things shantastic but may not have time to check back to the site EVERYDAY.  I will start by making the Shantastic Shine newsletter once a month and if I get enough interest it may go weekly ( up to you guys I won't bother you that much unless I get peoples attentions)
But not only will the SHINE feature Shantastic... I would also like it to include links to others blogs, reviews, products, and more. It could be a great way to help spread the word to others.

Now I feel like I've introduced a lot here..... Hope I have a few readers that legitimately got through the full update.... If so... I thank you dearly.

Have an AWESOME! Day while I continue to make some last minute changes to kick off the start of new beginning.



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