Friday, January 4, 2013

Let her grow: Painting for a friend

Let her Grow - 16x20 Custom Painting by Shannon Cook
NOTE: We NEED a new photo together ASAP!
This was way to hard to find in a 2010 album!
What in the heck have we been doing that we
never take a photo ever? This needs fixed!
New 2013 Goal get a good photo with each of
my good friends :)
 I had been busy doing a lot of paintings for shows towards the end of 2012. I filled Dante's bar and the Culinary Cafe as well as Allegany College of Maryland Campus' and a few festivals! I'd say I kept pretty busy in the studio.

Well my fabulous bestie of friends Michael had been begging (Okay, maybe not begging but hinting rather strongly) for a painting I had. It was slightly different than my Let her Grow piece that I created JUST for him. (This is where he smiles really big and sends me a big :D for thinking of just him.)  None of my other friends got custom paintings surprisingly.

 Just my brother whose doesn't count because a Halo themed painting is not on  my list of favorites. (Sorry bro, glad you liked it .)

Anyway. Let her Grow , is one of favorite paintings. Lime green has always been BOTH of our favorite colors for quite some time ( Unless he mysteriously changed favorite colors recently) Plus he had mentioned he would have loved the original painting even more if it were green. And so it was created.

He in return gave me a HUGE mixture of Christmas goodies. So many cookies, cupcakes, and fudge to die for!
I wish I would have snapped a picture because it was every sweet tooths dream. No lie!

Too late now though, its ALL gone. Me and Dutchers tore it up! A long with a few nibbles from friends who stopped by for the holidays..... I'll admit I ate most of it myself... SHHHH though I tried to tell my family I didn't eat to much sweet stuff living on my own! Oh well, I'll try to do better this year! Look out 2013 I have a lot to look forward too.

Oh yeah Real quick here is a photo of the Original painting from my Dantes Display and Live Painting event ( Reed more here....)

Hope you all enjoy it. If you would like a CUSTOM painting of your own or for someone special please feel free to Contact me. :) I'm always open to ideas and commission projects.

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