Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amazing Mis Matched Glove Love

I have been networking with some awesome new people. While doing soo I keep searching etsy for some awesome new finds as well! I came accross these fingerless gloves and I must say I fell in love!

Peak at the shop they came from HERE
Ms. Heidi from The Savvy Stitch makes awesome home spun yarn and other awesome yarn made products! I can't crochet knit or weave! So I truly cherish items like these.  If anyone wants to get me a present I would love to see these join my wardrobe ;)

Did I mention she just started her blog TODAY!!! Go over and show her some love  :) she's doing awesome and didn't realize how easy bloggin' really is !

Happy Crafting

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  1. Shannon, thank you so much for posting my mitts! I'm glad you like them. These in particular are very comfy. And your site is just awesome!