Friday, January 4, 2013

Halo Themed Painting For my little brother

 I do not take credit for the Red vs Blue theme of the Halo Painting.

In fact, I wasn't even thrilled to be doing a Halo painting. BUT  I love my little brother and he begged for something Halo themed and he LOVES those Red vs Blue Halo videos. So when I found something similar to this while searching, I figured I would give it a shot for Christmas.

Here's how it turned out : 

He does pretty good at pretending it's awesome.  However I found it sitting in my Grandmas kitchen on New years just chillin'. I will give him a pass because it was near his Xbox and his room is currently under some construction, but knowing my grams house it may sit in the kitchen for a while. What a random place for a  Halo painting right?

It must not have been to bad because Dutch even said he liked it. He's a hard one to please sometimes painting wise!

I need to work on some more guy themed paintings. When I was in college I use to paint lots of video game characters, oh how things change!

Back to Crafting!

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