Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tree Branch Necklace.

I made this one for my best friend Kayla and sent it home with her to good ol' Alabama.... Now I can't wait to make more.

Hope she shares it with all her awesome friends down there.
I love how it turned out for a first try.

  It is a rather large piece that lays over the chest.  But it can be arranged a bit to lay how you like.

 It can also be customized with whatever color  "leaves or blossoms" you would like as well.

 I want to make a copper one with brown or fall colored leaves soon. :) I will for sure post some awesome pictures.
My aunt said it reminded her of lighting.... Hmmmmm maybe that will be of some use. Sounds like some good inspiration.

I will post photos of my next one Asap!

Until then ,

Happy Crafting

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