Saturday, January 5, 2013

I now have those fancy social icons... and guess what I made them myself!


Time to pat myself on the back. I created all these pretty much from scratch in Photoshop in less than a half hour

AND gathered all the web addresses

AND created the HTML code
AND easily added them to my blog!

All in under 30 minutes...
Now that may not seem all that quick... but seeing as I have a bad habit of doing a million things at once and never doing one thing at a time and finishing quickly.... 
Well this time I did. so Boo-YA!

Now it's your turn... This is how... I did it.

I  neededcoding refresher soooo I admit followed the blog on Sew Many Ways

Where  Karen nicely explains how she added social buttons from CarryLoves to her own blog so that even I could read through it quickly and understand.

Well I tried to use the buttons from Carry Loves but Photobucket was frozen and refused to let me sign in or sign up. So if you need some buttons, and have more patience to wait on photobucket than I did... hurry on over to  CarryLoves
and pick out one from her MANY colors to choose from. And while your there take a peak at her page too....

BUT  don't forget to stop back at Simply Shantastic ;)
I played in photoshop and created my own :D


IF photobucket ever lets me create an account or if I get a flickr later tonight I will share the codes for you to use my buttons for your blogs as well. :)

Oh yeah t
he shopping cart is for my ARTFIRE store ... because they don't have their own buttons.... I may have to close this shop soon their traffic seems to be lacking... So be sure to keep checking out that shop because I may be posting some sales before I close it but you could easily use the shopping button for any store website you may have to link too.

Now I have some more bloggin' matience to tend to. Trying to get all organized and acceible for you guys :)

Until then try taking a peak at the Etsy Shop :)

Happy Crafting!

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