Friday, January 18, 2013

LunaLove - I just realized I painted my night away.

I just realized I painted for about 6-7 hours..... I went down to the studio instead of cleaning like I said I would in my last post because it was a beautiful day outside and the sun felt awesome coming through the studio windows. I started painting and just got really into it. Then I realized the Sun disappeared  and I wondered why I felt kinda tired. I looked at the clock and the time had flew buy! I had facebook notifications and a new Etsy contact!

TIME FLEW... and now I realize I have a bad habit of hunching over my easel :/ however... I did create a pretty sweet looking moon piece.  Wanna see?:)

Luna Love is a 16x20 Acrylic Paintnig by Shannon Cook of Shantastic Spectrum
This piece is for sale and can be purchased -Here-

 I used my new paints with new brushed and a new canvas...... what an awesome feeling. That doesn't happen often.  Did I mention the studio was all cleaned up still? (Yes I am proud of myself. )

Here's to a good days work... Off to a relaxing evening of Pinterest "research"

Check out the new Section for Shantastic-Spectrum on my blog here:

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