Saturday, January 12, 2013

My sorta kinda ... Studio reveal time!

So I kinda disappeared from the blog for a few days. I felt bad because I was doing SO good at my goal of making posts every day. I know  I should have probably had some ready and just added them to the list to post on my behalf. But I admit... I was SO per-occupied with cracking down and actually getting the studio ORGANIZED! ( Or well as organized as my disorganized self can get!)

Now before I go showing off my Mess to Not as Messy Studio I will warn you that I don't have the picture perfect studio that most bloggers seem to have these days. ( I will someday though!)

Here is the before:

I hated having to walk through the futon it needed to be more open!
The easel was block my natural window light! It has a huge light of it's own ... time for it to move a bit..
all my tables have stuff everywhere! I needed to work but couldn't get to any workspace!

So that is a lot of mess... It was WAY worse.... the last time I went on a cleaning spree it was with a jumpstart from Mr. Boyfriend who took it upon himself to re-arrange the downstairs into a studio in the first place for me instead of me having supplies ALL over my house.

I then had an old co-worker come up with the idea for my nifty make-shift desk... which is currently a pair of old speakers holding up an old door... and WA-LA instant long desk.

It had been awesome...for a day or two then it just became awesome.. for piling junk on.... Which needed fixed. I've been dying to sit there in front of those awesome windows and enjoy the sun while preparing awesome tutorials and other crafty things for everyone.

But my problem was, I started to bring all the supplies he missed ( Or didn't know I had hidden all over the house)  into the studio.  Then, I  realized nothing really had a home.

So then what was I suppose to do? Everything slowly just kept piling up. I ended up doing many of my projects all over the house and not getting anything really done.

Everything kept getting messier, and those photos were after the first few days of organizing the mess a little bit.... scarey I know. I was worried I was starting to become a hoarder because well... there are still about 5 closets I haven't shown that are full of MORE supplies and projects ect.

So .... I know you are dying to see the Reveal... as much as I was to get it finished... It's still not finished. but it is a bit more organized! I will be putting more effort into making it picture perfect.... I just need to get to workin' and making some things so that I have more money to make everything pretty :)

and Here we go:

 This section is still in progress. The cork board is hiding my desk which I plan to turn into a D.I.Y. day where I happily revamp it. Once that is finished I plan to turn that section into a "display" area off a lot of my jewelry and other work for friends and visitors to easily see. It will be like my own little store! :D

This is an idea my boyfriend came up with. He turned his old futon frame into a drying rack for me  I can store all my "in progress" canvas' there to until they get finished or re-started as some often do.

I would like to get this more "professional" and make it not look like a futon some how... but for now it works and it was free!

 Now for the fun corner.
I needed somhow to organize and neatly store all, or at least some of all that junk, or well supplies.  I wasn't sure how to do it. I was out of room in the closets and really wanted to get them organized too. '

Well boyfriend made the mistake of ordering something from a store we don't have. Well lone and behold it was not as he expected! So we had to make a trip to Pittsburgh!  WELL, I didn't complain :) I use it as an excuse to go to IKEA!  I picked up one of these nifty Expedit. It had the square selves and I could easily get to it for anything I stored there. I should have gotten those boxes that perfectly fit each one, but I was trying to go on a budget here. I spend $80.00 on these shelves but so far everything been pretty much free right?   So I convinced boyfriend to put together the shelves for me and I am going to admit he did it in Record time! (with only one minor mistake that we had to fix;)  but I caught it before he got to far.)

Now on to my favorite spot. The BIG AWESOME EASEL Which I will feature on my "Artist Tool Box" one day soon.  This easel is by far my best flea market pick EVER. Take a guess how much I got it for.... you'll never guess that I got this one of a kind custom made easel for only $20 bucks...  it has a HUGE built in light that alone someone would probably pay a 20 bill for.  It is big enough to put some pretty decent size pieces on. I got it from the "Santa Man" last spring at the Queen City Flea Market in Cumberland, Maryland. They are a rather large indoor Flea Market Venue that everyone should check out a few times a year.  He really liked my Boyfriend and thanks him for his services in the airforce so he gave me a super deal. He had been asking close to $120 for it before and it was hidden in his secret stash of awesome bargains.  That was one of those days I felt the universe telling me Painting was a must for me.I'll explain that more a different day.


I also have this nifty paint shelf I made from an old CD holder I got for a buck at a flea market a long time ago. It's been used for many things but I couldn't handle the paints falling through so I did came up with some Shantastic Solotions on it and made it so the paints wouldn't fall through! ;) that is another DIY I will be posting next week.

Oh there are all those awesome new paints I mentioned picking up on SALE from Michael's the other day after picking up Boyfriends awesome new musical toy from Ferralton Guitars.

I haven't really gotten to play with them yet because I was determined to move the easel before starting any new projects. So I will be putting them to use this week too.
Here is a shot of my now mostly cleaned workdesk! I'm pretty excited it is useable again! Did I mention that my makeshift table only cost me a buck? I got the speakers from a yardsale for a photography display project and they were a good hieght to attempt to make a desk from! The door was found in one of the old sheds that my uncle had filled so my gram said it was free game!  I plan to one day get some book shelves or 2x2 expedites and make it either all white or all wood. One day it shall be picture perfect, one day.

And one more thing here is the not so pretty sitting area for friends and buyers to come chat with me. It still has A LOT  of fixing to do. I inherited Boyfriends ugly couch and have my mismatch Halloween and Harry Potter pillows all over.... This will be a project! I want to re upholster the couch... and get matching pillows... but this is all in time I am just glad it's not covered in junk and people can happily sit there and not be surround by junk. I do need to find a better home for my awesome spinning easel when it's not in use but for now it is safe back there. I'm glad I unblocked all the windows now though so that way more natural lighting can get in .  Oh and that awesome tapestry over there... it's hiding two more shelves of storage and the computer that is now connected to the T.V. so that I can watch my videos, you tube, or check out / update the blog from the studio itself. ( OHHHH, fancy!) it's pretty nifty to have the web on my studio t.v.  I can watch D.I.Y videos pretty much life sized! That makes it was easier on my terrible eyes!

So here it is my main work area all done up! I am pretty proud of myself for now. I still have a few closets to tackle but for now I need to make some creative awesomeness. I can clean when it's all rainy and spring-like again. Today has been beautiful. Time to enjoy my little piece of crafty painting heaven.

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