Friday, January 4, 2013

Candy Cups : An easy gift for the guys, or sweet tooth in your life!

This was the perfect gift for my Uncle Joe , who is terribly hard to buy for!

 Holidays may have come and gone , but gift ideas are needed YEAR ROUND!

I had seen many of these little candy bouquets in passing on pinterest and other blogs. They seem to have grown pretty popular!  

My uncles birthday falls on Christmas (Poor guy he always gets jipped on celebrating) So I try to give him a birthday present as well as a Christmas gift. 
 Since he turned 50 a few years ago I had always tried to do an "old fart" gift as kind of a joke, which I also did this year ( I will post later it was pretty cute ) but   anyways!  I spend maybe  $6 bucks on this awesome little gift. 

Things I used: 
 Larger Snickers and Mr. Good bars (because those are his favorite.) 
Mini Candies
  ( Which I had enough of to make a candy bag for Benj when he came from Alabama with Kay)

Styrofoam Ball (From an old floral arrangement)
Coffee Mug
(I used it for a base because I have a running joke of getting him one every year since I can remember)
Tissue paper (For decoration and to hide the ugly Styrofoam)
Shishcabob (< Is that how that is spelled lol?)  Sticks (could probably use any kind of rods or Popsicle sticks)
Hot glue gun  / SUPER tape

SOOO NOW......

Step one : All I did was Hot glue the candies to the shishcabob sticks , you could probably use SUPER strong tape if you are making this with children or are glue gun-less.

 Step Two : Pushed styrofoam into the coffee mug tightly so it wouldn't come loose

Step Three: Attempted to arrange candies nicely so that all could be seen , similar to a floaral arrangement 

Step Four: arranged tissue paper to cover any ugly glue or Styrofoam


That was Easy :)

Please exscuse my terrible photo, I DIDN'T take it . My loveley boyfriend insisted he take the photos of me handing out gifts to my family so it's a bit blurry. Oh, and don't let my uncle's startled face confuss you. He really LOVED it after he got it all out of the gift bag.  He loves anything sweet like me :P



Happy Crafting

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